Tailoring CV to company

How to tailor your CV to the role and the company

8th May 2019

“Writing a generic CV that doesn’t focus upon a specific role or employer is going to show a lack of care.”

Martin Carline, CV Template Master

There are lots of reasons why you should tailor your CV to the company, and not write a generic ‘one size fits all’. It will demonstrate your passion and desire to work for the company, and also showcase your commercial awareness.

“No two jobs are identical, so it’s unlikely that your CV will tick all the boxes for every job.”

Andrew Fennell, The Guardian

With so many job seekers all applying for the same role, you cannot afford to relax and settle for a generic application. Here’s how to tailor your CV to both the role and the company:

Use the job description

“Review the Job description and Person Specification, and then go through your CV and highlight all the elements on the JD/PS that is covered on your CV. ”

Greenacre Recruitment

Not every job advert you come across will list all the skills required to perform the role, but most of the time you should find a lot of information here. Take note of everything the company has requested – from skills to qualifications and even experience.

  • Are there any hard skills which are mandatory?
  • Has the company requested any qualifications?
  • Is experience important?

Once you have confirmed what the company is looking for in a successful candidate, you can then begin to construct and write your CV – certainly not before.

Research the role, the company and the industry

The more you know about the company, the easier it will be to write the perfect CV. Every single section of your application, including a cover letter, should be customised to demonstrate the exact skills and qualifications the company requires of the best candidate. On top of this you should also look to gain as much information as possible about the business.

  • What are the company’s goals?
  • Who are their customers?
  • What product or service do they offer?
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By answering the three questions above you will be in a better position to construct your CV. The hiring manager will easily be able to recognise who has commercial awareness, and it’s your job to demonstrate this through your application.

Knowing more about the company will allow you to shape your CV accordingly. Aim to show the HR manager that you ‘know your stuff’ and you will stand out from the crowd.

It can be quite difficult to research specific roles, but if you know someone that works for the company you may be able to gain further insight into daily tasks and expectations. Contact them for some insider information and gain the upper hand on your competition.

Want to know more? Here’s a great article from The Guardian – How to tailor your CV for interview success.

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