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Recruiters: start using video!

31st May 2021

Why is Video So Important for Recruiters? 

Time and time again we have espoused the necessity of developing great content strategies.

Honestly, it’s kind of been done to death –  so if you still haven’t grasped that fantastic content holds the key to building your brand and increasing the organic searches that your business receives, there’s not much more we on the internet can do to convince you.

That said, there is one aspect of social recruiting that may still be being overlooked: video content. Video content is a rapidly growing section of the content marketing arsenal, and it’s time we explained why you guys, the recruiters, can’t afford to forget about it.

Consider the objectives of your online presence. As recruiters, your main aims will most likely be:

  • Ranking highly for your keywords
  • Getting people to click on your content and visit your site
  • Getting more clicks than your competition
  • Promoting your unique company brand

Naturally, effective content is the key here, but there are a few things that those of you who haven’t considered using video content might not know.

Boost your SEO

The famous Google Panda update means that the search engine LOVES video content.

The update means that more value is placed on sites that generate longer stays – so videos almost automatically become much more SEO friendly. When visitors stay for a video, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re staying longer than they would to read an article or blog, so Google reacts extremely positively to video content.

Indeed, video content is actually 53 times MORE likely to show up on the front page of Google. Pretty effective right?

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But there’s more…

Getting People to Visit Your Site

There is some evidence that regular videos may increase your monthly visitors by anywhere from 200-300%!

Consider that for a minute. A regular video may double, or even triple, your site visits.

Job postings with video icons were viewed 12% more than those without, and people are twice as likely to visit your site if you post video content.

That’s before we even consider the broad demographics video content allows you to reach.

YouTube is the third most trafficked site after Google and Facebook, with over 800million unique users visiting every month. It is used by a huge range of demographics, so for those in the recruitment industry, it’s really a resource whose value can’t be ignored. How many of your rivals have their own YouTube channels?

Guarantee it’s less than you assumed.

Video content also encourages much more shared content than other platforms. With how accessible and relatively low effort video content is, your target audience are much more likely to share a video than a blog – no matter how well written the content.

Tips for High Quality Video Content

Hopefully we’ve gone some way towards convincing you to at least consider the value of video content.

You don’t need to spend loads of money on swanky production – just follow these tips:

The average attention span of your viewers is likely to be around 2 minutes, so keep your videos short!

Try to include a sense of your company – a sense of fun/ enthusiasm / dedication – really build on the branding that you’ve established.

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And try to tell a good story. No-one’s going to want to watch a video of some guy in a suit sat behind a desk talking about why his company is great. They just won’t – yawn fest.

Good luck!

We’ve got our own explainer video, introducing our job boards and why you guys would benefit from one. It’s worth checking it out if you haven’t watched it already. If you’re curious as to how a job board could boost your business, or you’d like to talk about any of our bolt-on services, why not email us or give us a call…

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